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Summer Resources


Keep the Party Going

A list of useful resources to keep your child learning and engaged throughout the summer.

Stress, Worries, and Fears...Oh My!

A list of resources to help your child/children cope with worries, fears, and anxieties.

Tackle Tough Topics

A list of resources to help you talk with your children about racism, protests,

and social injustices. 


Hot Lines for Kids

We know things are hard being home right now,

away from your friends.

If it's getting so bad you need some help,

here are some hotlines you can call or text.

It's anonymous, which means they won't

ask you for personal information.

If you just need to vent, text 2nd Floor                   1-888-222-2228

If you are being abused by an adult, call                1-877-652-2873

If you feel like you're depressed or

in crisis, text "NJ" to 741741

If you feel like you might want

to kill yourself, call                                                     1-855-654-6735

If there is domestic violence

in your home, call                                                      1-800-572-7233

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